We Chat Marketing: The Ultimate Chinese Social Media Site

Wechat Marketing is now the hottest strategy to promote your business, product & content. As We chat is China s biggest and omnipresent dinner program equipped with all-in-one tools and features. Millions of Chinese utilize We Chat every day for various purposes. With a huge and broad user base in China, a huge number of business entrepreneurs have harnessed the power of We Chat to get their businesses rolling.

WeChat Marketing

As a popular multi-media platform, Wechat has a wide range of apps that can be utilized by its users very effectively. Amongst these apps, there are a few popular apps such as Weixin which is an instant translator of documents/data, Qiqi which is an instant Chinese personal translator and Weixin Friends which is a social networking platform. With the help of these apps, you will be able to interact and make friends with Chinese people from all around the world.

In China, Wechat has a wide range of applications such as Qidian Weather which is a weather application that gives you live Chinese weather reports. Weixin Friends is another popular app used by Chinese business owners to connect with their customers & prospects. This app connects users through their QR codes & “keywords”. On the other hand, Qiqi is a Chinese equivalent of Facebook. It is a social networking platform exclusively for Chinese users.

With the latest We Chat upgrades, the Chinese social media platform is going strong with a daily user base of over one billion people. According to estimates, over 600 million people actively use We Chat daily. The newest We Chat upgrades are being used by over 50% of the daily active We Chat users. So, with a daily active userbase of more than a billion people, Wechat has definitely grown fast in the recent years. It has also transformed itself to become the fastest growing mobile communication platform.

If you own a business based in China and want to attract more customers and prospectives, you should consider getting connected with Wechat platforms. You can leverage We Chat to: – Build strong online presence by setting up a We Chat business account; – Sell products and services; – Build a Wechat page with additional marketing information and photos; – Build brand awareness by blogging and posting articles; – Create a We chat community by joining Chinese social media sites. – Find new friends and contacts; – Find local businesses and restaurants using Wechat maps; – Access We Chat tutorials. – Find an ideal partner for business ventures.

Today, We Chat has evolved from being just a Chinese personal networking site to becoming a full-fledged entertainment platform where people can socialize and interact. With more than one billion users and the vast and expanding online community of over fifty-five million daily active users, it is definitely an attractive proposition. The platform offers a platform that has a lot of potential if properly used. There are many options available if you are looking to make use of We chat marketing effectively.