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How to Integrate WeChat Marketing Into Your China Social Media Strategy

To get started, the best way to integrate WeChat Marketing into your China marketing strategy is to create an official account. By doing so, you can plant advertisements and other advertising content into your articles. There are four major categories for advertising on official accounts: in-text advertising, video banner, and KOL mutual cooperation. All of […]

How to Use the AIDA Model to Increase Your Reach to Customer

One of the most important factors in marketing is ensuring that your customers can easily close a sale. In the past, marketers focused primarily on selling products. Today, they focus on engaging the customers, sharing good stories, asking for feedback, and recommending your products to others. Ultimately, these actions increase the amount of profit generated […]

MeWe Marketing – What Are the Alternatives to Facebook’s No Algorithm?

MeWe Marketing focuses on building relationships with customers through various forms of content. This strategy is based on creative content including SEO articles, Facebook comments, Twitter feeds, Google+ content, YouTube, and more. This type of content not only engages customers, but also develops trust. Michael Diaz, senior SEO at MeWe, explains the process in this […]

How to Leverage Clubhouse Marketing to Create Buzz For Your Brand

There are several ways to leverage Clubhouse marketing. The most obvious is to actively participate. Instead of remaining a passive listener, take the initiative to participate in the community and speak out about your company. It’s one of the most effective ways to gain exposure for your brand and create greater brand awareness. Identify rooms […]

How to Succeed in Podcast Marketing

Before you start launching your podcast, there are a few factors that should guide your decision-making process. Decide what format will work best for your audience and what content you’ll offer. While an interview format is best for delivering information from a knowledgeable expert, an audio-drama format may be more appealing to those who want […]

How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan

Before you begin implementing a Digital Marketing plan, you must first determine your target market. Then, identify and communicate your online value proposition. Then, select target market personas and select digital targeting approaches. Once you have determined your target market, schedule your digital communications and make sure that each channel complements one another. Finally, create […]