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How to Develop a Digital Marketing Idea

Developing an effective Digital Marketing idea begins with understanding your target audience. Then, use this knowledge to tailor your message and gain a competitive advantage. For example, an interactive website with videos of your products and services can help generate brand awareness. You could also use retargeting ads that display advertising messages on your website. […]

How to Engage Your Facebook Audience With Creative Content and Chatbots

If you are considering a Facebook Marketing strategy, it’s vital to create interesting and informative content. Compared to plain text, visual content is more easily understood and received. A study showed that posts with images received 53% more likes. Additionally, the content can be shared if there is a call to action. However, creating these […]

MeWe Marketing – Alternatives to Facebook and Other Social Media

MeWe Marketing is a free service that allows brands to reach consumers through creative content. The company does not offer advertising packages. Instead, it encourages users to share brand content on their profiles, which allows for brand awareness and engagement. Unlike traditional marketing strategies, MeWe encourages users to share brand content and build relationships with […]

Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing strategies, chatbots can be customized to your audience’s needs. For example, Domino’s Chatbot can allow users to customize their pizzas and order online. The chatbot can save orders and help users narrow their searches before reaching out to a sales rep. In addition, it can take orders and provide customer support as […]

5 Steps to Social Media Marketing Success

The first step to social media marketing success is to find your competitors. This is easier said than done. While traditional market research methods can provide valuable insights into customer behaviors, they are expensive and time-consuming to run. Moreover, it often takes weeks to compile and analyze the results. Using social media for competitor analysis […]