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How to Choose a Digital Marketing Course

The Digital Marketing Specialization from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign provides a comprehensive course on digital marketing. This course covers programmatic advertising, consumer trends, header bidding, and more. The course also includes a capstone project. You will gain knowledge of the tools and strategies that you can use to maximize your company’s online presence. […]

Improving Search Engine Rankings Through Offsite and Onsite SEO

Search engine optimization is all about appealing to people looking for the information you have to offer and building credibility. Imagine your website as an information booth in NYC: organized, credible, and consistently helping people find the information they need. Google takes these factors into consideration when ranking your website. Here are some ways to […]

How to Effectively Use Content Marketing to Drive Inbound Traffic and Leads

In the early days of the internet, content marketing consisted of a handful of methods. Now, there are many mediums for content marketing, and a growing number of strategies. The “3D Content” model recommends mapping content to a specific pain point and the buying cycle. Content marketing can be both effective and efficient, depending on […]

How to Integrate WeChat Marketing Into Your China Social Media Strategy

To get started, the best way to integrate WeChat Marketing into your China marketing strategy is to create an official account. By doing so, you can plant advertisements and other advertising content into your articles. There are four major categories for advertising on official accounts: in-text advertising, video banner, and KOL mutual cooperation. All of […]