How to Use Weibo Marketing For Your Foreign Language Business

Weibo Marketing

How to Use Weibo Marketing For Your Foreign Language Business

Weibo is a powerful Chinese social networking site that has just recently started offering mobile-based applications. Although Weibo now no longer dominates China’s social scene, it’s still growing rapidly (see charts below). As such, there are also a number of unique features of Weibo that make the platform particularly effective for KOL marketing: it integrates with small and Taobao, giving your mobile app access to the largest online shopping database in China; it allows for a more personalized experience by allowing users to create profiles and interconnect with other users; and finally, using its viral nature, Weibo allows for an easily disseminated campaign. This article will go over some of the important advantages of using Weibo as part of a mobile marketing strategy.

One of the most powerful benefits of using Weibo for KOL campaigns is its mass-fuelled popularity. As one of the biggest online social networks in China, Weibo boasts over a million active users. This means that, on any given day, there will be at least five hundred million Weibo users who can be targeted via any one of Weibo’s many promotions. Given that Weibo offers high visibility to potential followers and that it can be used to drive large amounts of traffic to a site, the web’s high rate of engagement makes it an ideal vehicle for delivering your campaign’s message to the Chinese audience.

Another advantage to be had from Weibo’s massive following is its mass engagement capabilities. Unlike many other Chinese social networking sites which allow users to only engage with one another after they’ve been connected through Weibo or one of its sister Weibo networks, Weibo lets users engage with one another long before they have even been introduced to your brand. Engaging with your audience long before they become familiar with your brand ensures that you will be able to capitalize on their pre-existing engagement with your product or service. In fact, many of the highest performing advertisements on Weibo last year were able to sustain their momentum simply by maintaining contact with their audience long after they may have become entirely aware of the products and services that they were marketing. If you are able to make Weibo the medium through which you reach out to your audience, this strategy can deliver high impact advertising results.

Weibo Marketing also has a low cost per impression to your campaign, making it the ideal platform for launching expensive marketing campaigns. The low costs of Weibo advertising allow you to run highly creative campaigns without breaking the bank. Because Weibo’s advertising rates are very low, your campaigns spend won’t go as far as many traditional media investments would. If you are able to invest your budget in creative campaigns, then Weibo Marketing could provide great returns for your business.

In fact, some of the most successful Chinese brand names all started on Weibo. One of the most popular brands in China today is Baidu, the search engine giant. When Baidu first entered the Chinese market, it used traditional media like newspapers and magazines to promote its brand name. However, with the success of its online marketing efforts, Baidu has been able to further expand its reach through Weibo, which allowed the brand to extend its influence beyond the traditional Chinese audience. While traditional media investments may have a higher return, there is no substitute for the unique marketing approach that is only possible through Weibo.

If you want to increase your brand’s reach and build greater ties with your audience, using Weibo for marketing can give you the perfect opportunity to do so. Weibo is also an ideal platform for conducting influencer campaigns, as the audience is largely comprised of real people, making them ideal for conducting informative conversations about your products and services. This form of marketing allows you to establish direct contact with your target audience, which is vital if you want to succeed in the foreign language market. With the power of Weibo, you will be able to expand your business overseas and reach out to a new audience.