Digital Marketing Trends That Are Changing Today

What’s the next big digital marketing trend in digital marketing2019? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are increasing the stakes in online shopping. In fact, the leading digital marketing trends for 2021 have already come to pass an impressive list of milestones, including the rise of mobile shopping, a rise in virtual reality, and an unceasing trend of personalized branding.

Digital Marketing Trends

The next major social media marketing trends for 2021 will see more companies investing heavily in the production and distribution of content that directly relates to their brand. Facebook recently launched their standalone version of apps for iPhones and Android, allowing users to share information about the latest news or trivia with their friends and acquaintances. The company also intends to take advantage of its own wealth of data, through its purchase of Instagram for more than $1 billion.

A large amount of digital media advertising campaigns are still focused on reaching the mass market. An effective and targeted social media marketing campaign will, however, take your brand and product to the ideal demographic for which you are targeting. To do this, you need a capable digital marketing service provider to help you map out your demographic profile and set up your online ads and promotional content. Once you have established a clear profile and targeted the demographic group to which you wish to appeal, you can then focus your digital marketing campaign on attracting the right type of customers to your website. Here are the top four social media advertising trends for the coming year:

As our population continues to grow, it will become increasingly challenging for brand advertisers to maintain brand value. Facebook has recently taken measures to limit the number of characters displayed in status messages, to try to increase communication between customers and brand. The result is that some brands may be losing their distinct identity and becoming generic. Digital media advertising experts believe that in order to retain their value, brands must be constantly evolving – through social media marketing posts, informative videos and press releases – in order to remain relevant and in touch with their target audience.

Twitter recently introduced video comments, which allow users to comment on other people’s posts in real time. This is the perfect opportunity for businesses to interact with their target audience and ask questions. According to a recent study by Forrester Research, companies that make at least two social media posts a week will have an 80 percent higher success rate at capturing the attention of their target audience. Other trends include increased focus on location-based marketing, such as mapping services to help consumers find a local store. Experts believe that location-based marketing will continue to grow in the future as customers continue to search for the perfect store.

Another digital trend is the rise of “DVR-proof” content. Many channels are being developed that allow consumers to watch advertising without having to stop and therefore reduce the number of advertisements seen. In addition to digital channels, there are also more uses for televisions, such as DVR boxes that record television programs for later replaying or recording.