Clubhouse Marketing: Why You Should Add Podcasts To Your Content Lineup

Clubhouse Marketing

Clubhouse Marketing: Why You Should Add Podcasts To Your Content Lineup

Clubhouse Marketing allows you to create live audio content from your website without being publicly visible. This unique feature makes it easier than ever before to attract new members to your Clubhouse. Clubhouse allows the experience of having a community within your website that is as interactive and vocal as any other website. By creating an audio content publishing community, you gain a new way of driving traffic to your website.

On this highly popular social networking platform for audio, you are able to share in real time, discuss ideas, collaborate, and develop strong relationships with those who are a part of your community. As a brand, it’s essential to know all of the options available to you and leverage that growing online community. In Clubhouse, social engagement across all platforms is built right into the platform. You can use the social sharing tools on Clubhouse to engage in discussions with other users while also posting comments and sharing content to your profile. This new social media option allows you to be visible and build real relationships with the people in your community.

Although Clubhouse has some of the most robust social media features, it’s not the only social media site that you could consider using to enhance your marketing strategy. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ all have their own strengths. For smaller brands, these might not be strong enough to take advantage of. When you combine the strength of these platforms with the opportunity to publish audio content in a completely mobile format, it becomes much easier to take advantage of all that mobile technology has to offer.

The Clubhouse platform is also a great tool for smaller businesses that aren’t yet ready to jump on the “band wagon” of becoming popular online. There are millions of conversations going on in the niche every single day. Why not join them? By submitting your feed to the feed directories, you can expose your brand quickly and easily to people around the world. If your brands’ content is of interest to people around the world, it will help to establish a larger customer base than you could have on any other social network.

Kumar said that most brands he works with forget about the audio part of their marketing campaigns because they aren’t “listening” to their customers as much as they should. Today, mobile apps are becoming extremely popular for this very reason. With an audio app, brands can broadcast their content to millions of individuals at once. That exposure is going to make a huge difference when it comes to SEO, which brands must focus on if they want to remain competitive.

Clubhouse Marketing gives brands an incredible opportunity to join in conversations with influencers in their industry, develop trust and ultimately, build relationships. The more content that you have published on your site, the more conversations you’ll have. The more conversations you have, the more views you’re going to get. The more views you get, the higher your SEO will be.